Free website Designing

Free Website Designing
If you are a small business owner and do not have time or resources to get a full fledged website developed, you can give your business web presence with 32 pages, yet professionally developed by an experienced team of people from our company and start printing your website name on your business card. Later on, you can add more pages.

The individual package is a free website designing service. We offer to design any (legal and non-obscene) website for free. All you will need is to buy a domain name (30,000/=) and pay for hosting (120,000/= per Year).

We can host your domain IE . If you don't want to buy your own name you can use host on one of our subdomain names: IE:

Your webspace is unlimited (within reason) and you can host files up to 5mb in size so you can add movies, pictures and sounds to your site.


  • Host your own domain
  • Pick a free subdomain
  • Use unlimited space for your free website!
  • Real FTP access for uploading
  • Unlimited Free Webspace!
  • 5mb file size limits!
  • Unlimited hits and bandwidth!
  • Secure, stable unix servers!
  • Unlimited aliases for your site!
    ie. http://(anythingyoulike)
    or wildcards for domains!
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